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(We can restore the original cellular frequencies)

To understand how the human being inserted and interrelates with life and nature, we use certain principles and laws of relativistic quantum field theory.

Expose, in general, some quantum concepts to enable a better understanding of the scientific bases that underpin our work in diagnostic and therapeutic aspect.

Humans originally received specific frequencies for the perfect functioning of your body and organs. External factors or psychological made these frequencies have changed in a negative way.

According to modern quantum physics, the material structures are different forms of energy. This was amply proved by the physicist Albert Einstein when he postulated his famous and well known equation E = mc2, where E is the energy of a system (material), which has a mass (m), and (c) is the speed of light squared. This equation is somewhat complex for those who do not have any knowledge of quantum physics states that mass (matter) and energy are dual expressions of the same universal substance.

This "energy field" is the original source from which we are all compounds. It is the basis of life and our whole existence. The heat of the sun, the fuel that our cars, the electricity we use in household appliances, the energy that keeps the living systems are different forms of "energy field".

It is understood that "field" as the continuous movement of subatomic particles (photons, quarks), which interrelate with each other constantly, creating and destroying matter (dualism wave / particle), being the basis of material existence.

As the Nobel laureate said Carlo Rubia (Director General of CERN in Geneva, Switzerland): "The material particles are a minority, there are nearly one billion (9.746 x 108) of how many times (photons, or energy) that particles with mass (nuclei, or solid matter). "

Given our capacity for perception, we can only see a small part of total reality (visible light), or one billionth of total existence.

Thus, we can determine that all material processes are regulated by energetic processes.

We are primarily an energy body that has a physical aspect.

The human insert this into a reality that is whole. The whole world and all that exists is completely interrelated. Speaking of people stranded or separated is a distortion of reality, as expressed by the quantum physicist David Bohm. This so-called "energy field" is what sustains the huge and complex interaction between all that exists. Life is expressed and manifested as the constant flow of energy, maintained by constant tension between two poles.

The human body is an open system, ie it needs to maintain an adequate and continuous exchange of energy with its environment, to maintain their regulatory mechanisms and thus their health.

The Quantum Integral Medicine incorporates the knowledge of molecular biophysics, the essential need of "medication" vibrational frequencies with information specific organs and systems, the fundamental concepts of Oligotherapy, homeopathy and homotoxicology, and concepts relating to nutrition and orthomolecular therapies bioxidativas.

Everything in the Universe vibrates at a specific frequency ...

Let us assume that everything in the universe, whether at the level of matter or energy, propagates through vibrations.

These vibrations are propagated with greater and lesser, more or less frequently, constantly in any universe that keeps moving. That is, everything is moving and in constant vibration.

... And the human body as well.

Matter and energy only differ in the mode of vibration. The vibration frequency is measured by the number of vibrations per second, ie the difference between two kinds of matter is only a matter of time.

Everything vibrates at different frequencies and detected!

Proceeding from this, determine the biological terrain of each person and correct frequencies pass to be a behavior of First Instance for the recovery of physical and emotional health. Medicine as we know must go through an upgrade process URGENT in the face of current discoveries of modern science and quantum physics! For the good of all, finally!

Miguel Galli

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