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(Connected all the time with the Universe)

This is a design based on the holographic nature of brain functioning, Karl Pribram, the structure of the quantum-holographic universe of  David Bohm, and the principle of quantum nonlocality. The impact of this proposal in the international scientific community, led to the publication in 1999 of the same in Europe in World Futures-The Journal of General Evolution, UNESCO, edited by Erwin Laszlo, the leading authority in the areas of systems, and in the same year in the USA in The Noetic Journal, The Noetic Advanced Studies Institute.

A more elaborate and advanced development of this conception of consciousness holoinformacional called Holoinformatonal Consciousness, has just been launched in 2010 in USA, by NOVA Publishers, as a chapter of The Complementarity of Mind and Body. The Realisation of the Dreams of Descartes, Einstein and Eccles, organized by Richard Loving, and co-authors, Karl Pribram, Henry Stapp, Fred Alan Wolf, Mika Draganescu, and others.

To facilitate understanding of the subject, we first specify the meaning of the holographic and non-locality.

Nonlocality (X QUESTION)

It is a fundamental property of the universe, thoroughly proven, both quantum and the macroscopic level, responsible for interactions between instant all cosmic phenomena. It is a consequence of quantum field theory of Umezawa which unified the electromagnetic and nuclear fields in a gravitational underlying indivisible whole.

Holographic systems

These are systems that generate three-dimensional, the virtual image, or hologram, is created when a laser focus on an object, and this is reflected on a plate. Focus on this board a second laser, producing a mixture of waves of the first with the second. This pattern of wave interference stores information about the shape and volume of the object and be reflected by the plate, generating a three dimensional image of the object in space. What matters is that holographic systems each part of the system contains complete information about the object, if breaking the plate into pieces, each piece will reflect the image of the object in three dimensional space, showing that everything is in pieces, and each part is all. This fundamental property of holographic systems, was described by Dennis Gabor, who won the Nobel Prize for his invention of the hologram.

Holographic neural networks

The theory of quantum-holographic or holonomic Pribram, now thoroughly proven experimentally demonstrate the existence of a process of treating quantum-holographic information in the cerebral cortex, called neural multiplex hologram, dependent on the local circuits of neurons, which have no long fibers and do not transmit nerve impulses common. "These are neurons that function in wave mode, and are mainly responsible for the horizontal connections of the layers of neural tissue, in which connections holograficóides interference patterns can be built."

As the music can not be located on the piano, but around the resonant field that surrounds it, the memories of an individual are not located only in the brain but also in the field of holographic information that surrounds it!

Towards a theory of consciousness holoinformacional

Pribram inferred the possibility of holographic informational processing power of the universe is holographic neural interconnect the processing of the cerebral cortex, but not targeted in your research by this part.
Glimpsing the possibility of connection between the brain and the universe, we proposed that the standards and quantum holographic neural networks of the brain are active part of the quantum-field holographic universe, and that this interconnection is both informational site (mechanistically-Newtonian), and not -local (holistic-quantum-holographic), and call holoinformacional.

The quantum non-locality allows an instantaneous interconnection between the brain and the cosmos. Considering also the basic mathematical property of holographic systems, each part of the system to contain information of all the mathematical data of quantum physics Bohm, and the experimental data of the holographic theory of Pribram, we have proposed, besides that, this universal interactivity in allow access to all existing information within the interference patterns of waves existing in the universe since its origin, because the holographic nature of the universe, would allow each party, each brain-consciousness, contained the information of the whole.

And in Practice? How do

For this universe-brain connection is possible, you must stand still our brain, synchronizing the operation of the cerebral hemispheres, and allowing the holographic method of treatment of neuronal information to optimize. This is achieved easily through the practice of meditation, relaxation and prayer that has proven to synchronize the waves of the cerebral hemispheres, generating an altered state of consciousness. Being connected to use of all possibilities of quantum non-locality and create your reality!

Miguel Galli

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